Dr Karen Chandler provides all women, irrespective of age, with friendly, comprehensive gynaecological care. We address concerns relating to menstrual problems including heavy and or infrequent periods, abnormal pap smear results including colposcopies, menopause, PCOS and general gynaecological check ups.

Dr Chandler encourages pre-pregnancy consultations as part of her gynaecological services. An appointment of this nature is a good opportunity to work through any existing medical conditions or to express and clarify any pregnancy related queries. An initial planning for pregnancy consultation is bulk billed, therefore there will be no out of pocket cost.

When seeing a specialist it is required by medicare that you have a referral from your GP, this allows for your account to be submitted to medicare where you will receive a partial refund. If you would like to book in for our next available please contact our reception staff on (08) 8364 3642, if your issue is urgent and requires an appointment sooner than our next available we ask that your GP to contact us directly or for your referral to be sent to us for our doctors to triage.